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Why Should You Hire a Business Law Attorney?

There are many reasons for hiring Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak as your Sacramento Business Law Attorney. While we could go into extensive detail on what those are, below are a few of the ways we can help your business out:

      1. Get You Started: We can help you determine what the best legal structure for your business is and help you to form it. While some formation documents can be done without the help of a business lawyer, forming a corporation with shareholders and a board is a complex process. If you are looking to incorporate, we can help get you started.


      1. Be Prepared by Having an Attorney on Retainer: Many business owners try to avoid consulting an attorney and, unfortunately, they wait too long and legal action has been taken against them, or the delay has put them “behind the 8 ball” in a bad position. Retaining a business law lawyer before there are any problems can actually cost you less in the long run.  It is often beneficial to keep a business attorney on retainer.  This is a convenient, low cost way of avoiding problems.  It is the “ounce of prevention” that is worth “a pound of cure.”  If you have Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak on retainer, you have the convenience of emailing us to draft a contract or review one that has been presented to you. When we review or draft your contracts, we help avoid future litigation by ensuring a valid contract exists, removing ambiguous language, and inserting clauses that spell out the damages to be awarded in the event of a breach of contract.  By spending a little money up front, thousands of dollars in legal fees can be avoided.  Retaining a business law lawyer will help you avoid legal pitfalls and focus on what is important: actually running your business.


      1. Knowledge and Experience: Many business owners are unfamiliar with the volume of laws regarding contracts, the commercial code, consumer remedies laws, and other legalities that can be hard to understand. Because business owners are focused on growing their business, many do not have the time to stay updated on new rules or regulations in their industry. Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak helps businesses to be worry-free about matters related to their business contracts, agreements, negotiations, acquisitions and so on. We will strive to ensure that your business runs both smoothly and ethically.


      1. We’ve Got You Covered: Whether it is advising you on employees, reviewing or drafting contracts on your behalf to protect your interests, or general business advice, Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak covers several areas of law that overlap when running a business. Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak can help you protect your business by advising you regarding employment issues, such as creating an employee handbook, creating employee handouts and acknowledgements regarding harassment in the workplace, how to investigate employee claims of discrimination, harassment, or abuse. We can also advise business clients in matters of real estate and commercial leases as your company grows, or assist you by handling bankruptcy matters as a creditor or debtor. As your business attorney, we can help you in all of these facets.


    1. Litigation: Unfortunately, not every business dispute can be worked out informally and sometimes litigation becomes necessary. Should this happen, we sit down with our clients to formulate a cost-effective strategy to get our clients the best outcomes possible. As your business law lawyer, we are fully equipped to represent our clients’ interests should they find themselves in litigation.

Business Law Attorneys, such as Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak, have experience dealing with these and many more issues to maximize their clients’ results. Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak has over 25 years of experience in employment law. Call today to set up your FREE consultation!