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Why Retain an Employment Law Attorney?

There are many benefits to hiring Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak as your Sacramento Employment Law Attorney. While we could go into extensive detail on what those are, below are a few of the benefits we can provide:

      1. Your Employer Has Resources and Personnel to Fight on its Behalf: If you are involved in a dispute with a current or former employer, consider hiring an attorney to advise you of your rights and protect your interests. Chances are your employer has several resources to marshal against you to intimidate you or persuade you not to bring an action against it.  Many employers have human resources departments and attorneys in house or on retainer to advise them how to intimidate employees by forcing them to sign documents admitting that the employee did something wrong.  The attorneys and human resources staff also guide the employer in terminating employees.  They often advise employers to “paper files” by issuing numerous disciplinary write ups before terminating the employee.  Your employer will try to stack the deck against you; by hiring Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak as your employment law attorney, you will even the playing field and have an advocate who will fight for your rights and get you the outcome you deserve. The attorneys of Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak know how to deal with employer’s dirty tricks, such as padding your personnel file with disciplinary write ups or trying to persuade co-workers to testify against you. We dig deep into your employer’s history to unearth evidence of other claims that have been filed against your employer. We fight on your behalf so that you can focus on what matters to you – whether that is getting another job, recovering from stress-related illnesses, or getting you reinstated with back pay.


      1. We Can Help While You’re Still Employed: If you are the victim of unlawful discrimination, harassment, or a failure to accommodate your physical condition and are still at your job, you don’t have to suffer through the discrimination until you quit, nor do you have to wait until you are fired. We can analyze your particular situation, suggest a prudent course of action, and negotiate with your employer so that you are working in an environment that complies with the law and is free of wrongful conduct.  If you feel that you are experiencing unlawful discrimination, harassment, or a failure to accommodate a disability or injury, do not hesitate to contact us in order to learn your legal rights.


      1. Evaluation and Negotiation of Your Claim: Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak brings over 25 years of litigation experience to the table. Because every employment case is different, an experienced attorney is necessary to properly evaluate the amount of compensation an employee is entitled to.  Many factors determine the value of a case:


  • Was there unwanted physical touching?
  • How long was the unwanted and illegal conduct going on?
  • Were you terminated after you complained about the discrimination or harassment?
  • Were you retaliated against after you complained about the harassment or discrimination?
  • Did you seek medical or psychiatric help as a result of the harassment or discrimination?
  • Were you forced to take a leave of absence due to the stress of the harassment and discrimination?
  • Did you suffer a wage loss as a result of a wrongful termination?
  • Were you forced to quit because you couldn’t take it anymore?
  • Did the employer conduct an investigation, initiate corrective action so that the discrimination or harassment stopped after you complained?
  • What form did the harassment take? How bad were the discriminatory or harassing actions?
  • How will your employer’s personnel be viewed by a jury?
  • How will you be viewed by a jury?

There is no “formula” for calculating the value of each these factors.  But the attorneys at Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak know how to evaluate these issues and give you an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and give you an honest and informed opinion of its worth.

Once we have an assessment of your case’s value, the skilled attorneys of Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak will try to negotiate, and if necessary litigate, on your behalf. Skillful negotiation is an integral part of resolving employment claims.  Because the costs of the cases can be very high, it is important to know when to use litigation as leverage to get the highest recovery on your behalf without spending so much money that the recovery on your case is severely diminished.

Employment Attorneys, such as Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak, have experience dealing with these and many more issues to maximize their clients’ results. Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak has over 25 years of experience in employment law. Call today to set up your FREE consultation!