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Sengmany Luangrath

My name is LangLee and Dan Hanecak has helped us save our two homes and save over 5,00$ and reduce our mortgages.

Ryan Hintz

Dan has helped me in the past. He has always been very helpful, pays a lot of attention to detail, and most importantly he’s been willing to work with me around my hours. I work a lot of odd shifts and so he’s been able to meet with me when I’m off work

Lay Vongvilay

My name is Lay Vongvilay. Dan Hanecak represented us and helped us get our house back. He was always there when we needed and when we needed advice he was always there too. He was always flexible with his schedule to meet our schedule.

Lance C.

Let me start by saying one thing, when you have a creditor hounding and harassing you, it is one of the worst feelings on the planet.  When my old crooked homeowners association took our dispute to collections, I needed help.  Dan was so helpful to us that I recommend him highly

Joshua Ramos

I met Dan a few years back. He has proven himself to be one of the most driven attorneys I know. While always zealsoualy fighting, Dan does an amazing job getting amazing results for his clients.

Christopher M.

I have known Dan for several years. He is very trustworthy and really cares for his clients. Highly recommend his services.

Joey Judson

Whenever I have a legal issue or question, Dan is the first person I call. He always responds quickly with a thorough answer. Dan goes above and beyond for his clients!

Samata Spa

I first met Dan in 2010 right after he had graduated from Davis Law. I was immediately impressed by his tenacity, intelligence, and (most importantly) integrity. He has provided me with invaluable legal advice on numerous occasions.

Bo Y.

Professional, personal, knowledgeable.  A+