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Real Estate Transactions

Though the California residential and commercial real estate laws are straightforward, it can be multifaceted at times. Due to that reason and since there are huge investments involved – the best advantage that you can bring to any transaction is a dependable Sacramento real estate lawyer who has a profound knowledge of California real estate laws.

Residential and commercial real estate transactions demand a detail-oriented and expert scheme of a real estate lawyer. Therefore, if you’re an individual or business entering into real estate transactions, it is important to work with a real estate lawyer who has the right experience and knowledge in real estate law; a lawyer that can assist you in the entire process and guide you through unforeseen problems to avert future litigation.

Moreover, if you are looking to buy a property, you must ensure that you know all your rights and obligations before you sign any purchase agreement or contracts associated with your investment. Hanecak P.C.’s real estate lawyer can help in reviewing the contract and will explain every legal detail thoroughly to make you well-informed about your rights prior to taking additional steps in your investment.

Here at Hanecak P.C., our real estate lawyer has already represented hundreds of individual clients, investors, business owners, developers, and institutional lenders for any type of real estate matters, may it be as a buyer or seller, tenant or landlord.

Real estate problems that we can help on a regular basis are as follows:

  • Purchasing and selling of residential or commercial property
  • Leases – preparation of new or evaluation of existing
  • Development agreements and other vested right agreements
  • Contract disputes such as non-disclosure by a seller
  • Broker Fiduciary Duties
  • Abatement of environmental or toxic nuisances
  • Noise and other nuisance issues
  • Eminent domain and inverse condemnation
  • Evictions and landlord – tenant issues 

Real Estate Litigation 

Various kinds of real estate disputes, which includes commission disputes, property insurance, partnership disputes, design and construction defects or boundaries, purchase and sale disputes, claims involving breach of fiduciary duty, sale of property or commercial tenant leasing, need deep litigation understanding to resolve.

At times, real estate transactions can become complex, and huge amounts of money are at stake. Our real estate lawyer understands how important it is to analyze all options if you’re involved in any real estate dispute so that the best resolution can be achieved. In cases where real estate disputes can’t be resolved through mediation or negotiation, our real estate lawyer is always equipped to defend your position in arbitration or court by filing the essential pleading immediately and efficiently. Our real estate lawyer is a real estate broker who knows every aspect of real estate transactions. He is valued by his clients because of his dedication, expertise and knowledge to achieving favorable results for his clients.

Proficient Real Estate Transaction and Litigation Assistance

The real estate market is changing at a fast pace. Businesses are always in need of real estate lawyers who have the technical, legal, and financial knowledge. Hanecak P.C. law firm takes pride from its outstanding real estate lawyer who has varied experience in various real estate transactions and litigation.

We provide advice and assistance with regards to important residential and commercial real estate transactions, and also subsequent claims and litigation. A real estate transaction is defined as a considerable investment whether if you’re an individual or business buying or leasing a property, or dealing a subsequent lawsuit or claim. Irrespective of your real estate problem, you may want to make sure that you have a real estate lawyer who can defend your financial and legal welfare in the future. Furthermore, if you’re up against litigation, we will comprehensively examine the facts in your case and ensure your real estate investments are protected.

Call Hanecak P.C. if you need backing regarding residential and commercial real estate transactions, from renegotiation of retail lease terms to the closing of a home purchase. The knack of finding new, innovative solutions, accountability and professionalism in relations with clients, are the top factors in the success of Hanecak P.C. law firm.