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For injury victims in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, and Roseville, California, we understand that you are preoccupied with your physical and mental pain after the accident. But you need to understand that it is crucial to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you can.

The pressure of looking for a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney can aggravate the stress you are already facing. But our tips can help you. Before you employ a personal injury attorney who can maximize your claim and protect your rights, it is best to consider the following factors.

Things to Consider before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

  1. Initial consultations are generally

A lot of people don’t contact a personal injury attorney for they believe that it will cost them much. For your information, preliminary consultation is free of charge. A good lawyer is willing to talk about the facts of your case and discuss with you if he/she thinks that you have a strong case without any charge.

  1. Experience is crucial.

Many good personal injury attorneys typically specialize in a single or two types of law. If you are to employ a lawyer to help you with your personal injury case, just ensure that the lawyer has enough experience with personal injury lawsuit.

  1. Beware of ambulance chasers.

Ambulance chasing is considered illegal in many states for good reason. If you got into an accident and received a call, letter, or mail from a personal injury attorney after, be cautious. Make sure to consult with family and friends before hiring a lawyer.

  1. Filing a lawsuit is not always necessary.

Though many cases are resolved through a court trial, there are cases that don’t need a lawsuit to be resolved. A personal injury attorney can acquire vital information to insurance companies on behalf of the victim and settle cases without having to file a case. This is sometimes faster and cheaper.

  1. Know the attorney’s fee.

If you decide to get a personal injury attorney, he needs to be paid for his services, effort and time. Most personal injury attorneys work on a “contingency fee”. This means that the lawyer only gets paid after you get your compensation. In this way, you can work with a good lawyer without paying in upfront. Just make sure you have an idea of the fee before hiring a lawyer.

  1. Clarify the expenses before signing a contract.

Though the fee is sometimes stated as a percentage of your settlement claim, that fee is only for the personal injury attorney’s time. If a lawyer employs somebody else to assist with your case, that fee is known as “expenses”. Many lawyers pay the expenses at first then bill you the expenses after the end of the case. Inquire about additional expenses before signing a contract.

  1. You may have to pay back your insurance companies.

Insurance is a leading cause for the misunderstanding with clients with personal injury cases. If you possess a health insurance, it’s likely that you may have to pay them back for the bills that they have paid. Experienced personal injury attorneys will do everything along with your insurance company to ensure that you get most out of your settlement.

  1. Your case may take time.

Though a personal injury case may be settled quickly if accountability and damages are direct, but many cases are more difficult. So, it’s likely that it will take more time. An experienced personal injury attorney may have the capacity to provide a good assessment of how long the case will take.

When it comes to personal injury cases, there are no guarantees. Though personal injury attorneys may have the capability to make a consistent evaluation of the strong point and conclusion of a case, there are too many factors for a lawyer to assure the outcome.

  1. You need to do your part.

Though personal injury attorneys are experts, clients should not expect them to care about their legal matters entirely, personal injury claims need constant consideration so as to support the claim. Be ready with your documents, consult with your lawyer and give evidence, as requested.  A personal injury attorney can help relieve some of the stress by maintaining communication with healthcare agents and insurance companies.

  1. Nothing is certain.

If a personal injury attorney assures you of concrete results, you better walk away. A decent lawyer will provide you with honest and realistic views of your case.

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