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Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

There are many reasons for hiring Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak as your Sacramento Real Estate Attorney. While we could go into extensive detail on what those are, below are a few of the ways we can help:

      1. We’ve Got You Covered: Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak represents purchasers, sellers, owners, landlords, and tenants in a variety of subfields of real estate including, negotiating, drafting, reviewing, and enforcing leases, subleases, subdivisions, and contracts. This is true for both commercial and residential properties and transactions and litigation.


      1. Contracts Can Help You Prevent Problems: Contracts are written so everyone knows the “rules.” These are vital (and required in most cases) in the state of California when a piece of property is being sold or leased. It is easy to find hundreds of samples of contracts on the internet for free. Some wonder why they should spend money on an attorney to draft what they can get free off the internet. The truth is that most of the time something is downloaded from the internet, you don’t know the education, training or skill of the person who drafted the document (often it is a paralegal not licensed to practice law).  More important, you may not know the state the document was drafted for.  Each state has its own unique laws regarding real estate development, residential and commercial real estate sales, and residential and commercial real property leases.  As your real estate attorney, we have experience reviewing and drafting contracts for our clients to not only protect their interests, but to help prevent litigation down the road.


    1. Landlord-Tenant: Whether you are a landlord looking into an unlawful detainer or a tenant who needs legal help, Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak can help.
        1. For Landlords: Evicting a tenant can be a tricky process for those who are unaware of the correct procedure. Eviction laws in California are highly technical and must be followed to the letter. If the first notice to a tenant gives an incorrect amount of time to cure the delinquency or vacate the property, then the tenant will be able to fight, and likely win, and the entire process will be to be restarted. Further, tenants have additional protections that landlords may be unaware of.  A landlord may feel entitled to take action to remove a very difficult and unpleasant tenant.  Unfortunately, these tactics may amount to illegal “self-help” that may subject the landlord to liability, including civil penalties at up to $2,000 per wrongful act, and punitive damages. A landlord who lacks knowledge of the law and tries to evict a bad tenant on his own may end up owing this terrible tenant thousands of dollars. At Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak, we strive to make the process quick and efficient so that the landlord can prepare their property for the next tenant and move on.


        1. For Tenants: Many tenants are unaware of how broad their rights in a landlord tenant relationship can be. Landlords are prevented from doing anything that takes the law into their own hands. This is called “self-help.” A tenant may not be lawfully evicted unless there is an unlawful detainer judgment. Any steps the landlord takes other than obtaining this judgment against you may expose the landlord to liability. As your real estate attorney or landlord tenant attorney, Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak can take steps as simple as negotiating a cash for keys offer, negotiating a timeframe to remove your belongings and find a new place to live, to litigating on your behalf if there are claims on your behalf. For example, if you are withholding payment of rent because the landlord has made the property uninhabitable, you may be entitled to relief.

      Note:If you are served any type of notice (to quit, vacate, etc.) do not wait to call a landlord tenant attorney. Unlawful detainers move on a fast track and are a summary proceeding. You will only have 5 days to respond. Don’t wait!

Real Estate Attorneys, such as Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak, have experience dealing with these and many more issues to maximize their clients’ results. Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak has over 25 years of experience in real estate law. Call today to set up your FREE consultation!